Candle decorations ideas - Office decoration ideas.

Candle Decorations Ideas

candle decorations ideas

O Tannenbaum

O Tannenbaum

Martin Luther is credited with the idea of putting candles on a Christmas tree after seeing stars shining through a pine during the Christmas season. It's another tradition that my parents brought over from Switzerland and one you can still find in (some) European households. Dad puts candles on his tree (Lisa won't let me ... "you'll burn the house down" -- so I took this shot at night after everyone else was in bed ;^). Again to accentuate tradition, I used simple, old ornaments (scuffed and scratched glass balls, baskets, handmade paper stars). I took some shots with the camera's built-in flash but it produced harshly over-exposed evergreens that just didn't capture the mood. Plain incandescent lighting added warmth -- no white balance adjustments here. I shot at night under very low-light conditions so had a high ISO setting and had to shoot pretty wide-open in order to catch the color of the candle flames -- especially the blues at the bases. Establishing a focus point was a dilemma. Ultimately, I focused on the angled hook holding the silver glass ornament (near the center) which stands in stark contrast to the green curtain. Whether or not that was a good choice is up to you.

December 21: The list

December 21: The list

Ming told me this idea about stringing up lights across the ceiling then hanging your cards from them, I did it over the mantle instead and it. was. FABULOUS.

candle decorations ideas

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