Decorative Pictures For Bathrooms

decorative pictures for bathrooms

Bathroom animated products!

Bathroom animated products!

Luxury bath basket for your bath or to gift!

Product contains:

? 3D Anti Age Face Mask
Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Pomegranate, herbs & cucumber Face Cream-
A smooth new herbal moisturizer with Hemp seed oil and extract as well as Pomegranate, well known to contain very high levels of antioxidants to prevent free radicals and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This amazing 12 hour moisturizer also contains Shea Butter, Sweet almond oil and Vitamins A, C & E. Hempz leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. 100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil & Extract to Hydrate, Nourish and Condition Skin. Pomegranate Extract Renew's Skins Healthy Radiance. Vitamins A, C & E Antioxidant Rich Blend. Shea Butter & Sweet Almond Oil. Pomegranate fragrance
¦Gives wearable product for you to massage your cheeks, nose and forehead & neck gently
¦Gives a 3D wearable mask to wear on your face with a towel and cucumber eyes pacthes on your eyes
¦Gives only the cucumber eye patchs to wear on your eyes
¦Gives a professional face light improved to wear on your face, making it more bright and spectacular for pictures.

? Anti Age Body Lotion
Pomegranate Herb & cucumber body lotion will make your skin moist and youthful, as it contains pomegranates rich in vitamins and minerals, the rare damask rose and natural herbs. It is a luxurious cream of elegant fragrance.
¦ Gives "a dollop of silky Aphrodite's lotion" to massage your whole body gently with a nice animation specially made for this massage.

?Anti age Hands & Nails cream
Pomegranate herbs & cucumber anti age hands & nails cream
Drench yourself in the antioxidant goodness of premium pomegranate seed oil and extracts, blended with other botanical ingredients for your healthiest, most balanced skin ever. Enriched with Vitamins A, C, and E to help feed and moisturize your skin, leaving it smooth and silky so that you will look and feel your very best!
¦ Gives "a dab of think, silky Aphrodite's hand creme" with a nice animation specially made that massages your hands gently and soft.

? A sage green bar with a refreshing citrus scent.
Cucumber scented with sweet orange, mint and jasmine
for a crisp, clean fragrance.
¦ Gives a wearable version of the soap that washes all your body while taking a shower, gently and sensually

? 100% Soft cotton green towels for your face and body to dry your head after shower, take one form the basket are already animated!

¦ Animated Shampoo
Green Tea Hydrating Shampoo – Containing green tea extracts to protect your hair. Gives werable product on touch that gently washes your head.

¦ Animated Conditioner
Pomelo Conditioner - Containing Pomelo fruit extracts which nourishes and revitalises the hair without feeling heavy. Gives werable product on touch that gently washes your head

¦ Animated Massages Oil-Fig & Olive Massage Oil
Combines a deluxe blend of fruit and Nut Oils selected for their ability to quickly absorb into skin and keep it firm and toned. Gives werable product on touch that gently massages your body on a nice sexy way, extremely turning on!!!
Play and let him watch :))

¦ Animated luxurius Spa Soap Bar . Based on rich skin-loving avocado oil and moisturizing sunflower oil, scented with a blend of essential oils including rosemary, eucalyptus, juniper, & pine. Gives an animated soap bar version that washes and massages all your body on a sexy and turning on way. Great animation!

¦ Animated exfoliating Spa Bar. Peels dead skin cells away with the apricot seeds while it is scented with the orange peel. Gives an animated exfoliating soap bar version that washes and massages all your body on a sexy and turning on way. Great animation!

¦ Animated Aphrodite sponge: gently exfoliates, leaving you with soft, silky skin. Gives you on touch a wearable version of the sponge that massages all your body on a sexy and turning on way. Great animation!

¦ Two decorative egyptian cotton towel robes for him and for her, with the scriptions "her" or "him" embroidered on pink and blue silks, showing brushes and creamy soap bar.
(wearable towel robes also for sale look at my other products)

Let us know what you think of our products--is there anything you'd like to see? Send us a note, if you liked our products, write a review--we'd love to hear from you, and appreciate your time!

A beautiful and thoughtful gift for anyone?s bath!
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Buy it on Marketplace here:

Soft Ecru Knit Cotton Cloth

Soft Ecru Knit Cotton Cloth

These are knit with 100% Cotton! Their size is 6.5"X6.5" and the color is Soft Ecru. Order from the colors seen in the picture or convo me to let me know the colors you are trying to match and I will custom make them for you.

These are appropriate for everyone, i.e. men, women, children, babies. They can be used as a dishcloth, washcloth, exfoliating, or rag. They are able to clean up everything from kitchen messes (pots, pans, counters) to baby faces. Just wet with soap and water and scrub away. They can be decorative or functional or both. They are machine washable on the hot setting, tumble dry and will stand up to numerous washings! They are soft to begin with, after a couple of washes they become a bit denser, but still soft enough to wipe baby faces. Buy them for a gift or use them for yourself. These are 100% husband approved for scrubbing anything (even the dishes)!

decorative pictures for bathrooms

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